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Mistakes Made into Lessons Learned to Enjoy the Journey

Many people say that life is a journey. There are many stops along the way and many lessons to be learned. My life’s journey is and has been all about learning and teaching how to live from “love” rather than fear.

Along the way on my journey, I spent what I used to say was way too long living fear-based and making huge mistakes, now I say it was the perfect amount of time and the mistakes were great teachers. It takes what it takes. Every thought requires a neuron (or 2 to 1000) to fire which is like another step along our journey. It also becomes a semi-permanent part of our body (the neural pathway). This is why the way we journey is often more important than the destination.

I have created a one to two week version of my 20 year journey that I call NeuroEmpowermentTM. I call it NeuroEmpowermentTM because my process empowers people to be in charge of their neural function. We live in our synapses. Yes, life literally exists in the electricity between our nerve cells. When we learn how to control our neural function, we become in charge of our world. The world I am referring to is the world within each one of us that allows us to perceive and function in the material world, our nervous system.

There are those who say that “Happiness is a journey, not a destination.” For me, I had to journey to a place of happiness, or better said, joy, and then continue the journey of happiness which regardless of the destination makes life enjoyable!

I invite you to join me on my journey of joy. Please read my blog, follow me, friend me, or join me at all of my social media sights and send me your thoughts and discoveries! Let’s live life in such a way that we get to call it amazing!


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