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We live in what many call a “drive-through” society. Our fast-paced world means that our attention is more easily caught by an immediate solution – a quick fix – than ones requiring a longer commitment.

In the realm of mental health, these “quick fixes” come in the form of medications, and, more recently growing in popularity, psychedelics.

Researchers have been exploring the potential of psychedelic treatments to help alleviate a variety of mental health symptoms. The fact that substances do have addictive qualities, and potential side effects, has been considered an acceptable possible risk in the pursuit of faster impact, and positive results in clinical trials.

This one, two punch combination of speed and efficacy is create a surge in the public interest in available psychedelic treatments.

Ketamine centers, ayahuasca retreats, ingesting psilocybin-containing mushrooms… all are now on the table, and toted as amazing solutions to modern society’s mental health woes.

Yes, there are many amazing forms of mental health treatment. However, the trial and error approach of using what worked for one person on another patient or client leaves out the individual biological information that renders the individual results.

You don’t really want to be playing a lets-try-it-and-see-what-happens game with your mental health.


Your perspective determines how you think, how you see the world as it relates to you, and the choices you make. When taking a prescribed pill or doing a psychedelic treatment, the methods are not achieving a permanent changes to perspective.

Biological treatments, such as anything ingested, cannot be expected to produce consistent effects on the mental health of all the different people, of different ages, with different physical characteristics.

Our Pathwaves methodology is measured, and tracked, based on the whole biological “picture” of each client. When we administer a protocol, it is because the brain waves we measured show a path to improvement for that specific person.

We don’t base any treatments based on what worked for someone else – we collect quantifiable data that allows us to see why a treatment can, and did, work.


At Pathwaves, we utilize extremely measured and tested protocol with a specific reason for a specific treatment at that time, based on the unique brainwave data of the patient under our care.

The Pathwaves “Full NeuroEmpowerment™” journey is designed to support our clients in this process.

If you’d like to learn how you can support your personal growth through our methodology, we are here to help. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.

To help those who cannot afford the services of Pathwaves, consider donating to the Pathwaves Foundation. Please call (305) 858-6616 for more information.


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