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The Neuroscience of FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is a fundamental issue caused deep in our DNA and neurological systems which has been exacerbated in recent years. Homo Sapiens arrived on the evolutionary time line about 300,000 years ago. At that time a human wandering around by themselves would not live for very long. Humans had to live in tribes, otherwise they would have died. This tribal requirement for survival evolved into towns, cities, and countries starting about 10,000 years ago.

The epigenetic effect of this tribal requirement for survival is still clearly affecting people in today’s world. The fact that the need to exist in a tribe is no longer a major component of our survival has caused this need to transform into FOMO. I like to say the F.E.A.R. stands for Future Events Appearing Real, which highlights the fact that fears are not actually an event that has already happened which would then make those events a certain reality. Another way to look at that is that what you fear has not happened yet, so it is not a reality until it happens.

The guide for neurogenesis is our DNA which is directly affected by our epigenetics. Our nervous system creates neurons and electrical currents to house our fears within our nervous system in accordance with our DNA. The FOMO emanates from the low delta frequencies (measured at .000625 hertz up to 1 hertz) and delta frequencies (measured at 1 hertz to 3 hertz). This is the range of intercellular communication which drives sensations and functions and our animal instincts which push us to fit in to a tribe in order to survive.

In today’s society fitting into a tribe is no longer a necessity for survival, however, our societies have taken advantage of this guttural misinformed feeling of need driven by fear in order to further the goals of our societies. It is much easier to tap into the tribal instincts of mankind and govern or lead herds (tribes) rather than to govern or lead a bunch of free minded individuals. This is the how and why of FOMO was born and exists in mankind.


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