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The Tale of the Two Selves

born of the original Cherokee Proverb The Tale of the Two Wolves and the teachings of the True Self False Self by Richard Rohr, Thomas Merton and others

One evening a wise old man told his grandson about a struggle that goes on inside of all people.

He said, “My son, there is a struggle between two ‘selves’ inside us all. One is the false self, it is fear-driven, it regulates and directs its life by looking outside of itself for solutions. It acts and behaves primarily on anger and is a master at harboring resentment, its success is driven by greed and pretentiousness. The story it tells itself is that there is no greater or higher power because it is the power. It lives in a perpetual self-absorbed state and it worships things and superficiality.

The other is the True Self, its love-driven. It treats food like medicine. It maximizes the rejuvenation and transformational value of sleep. It knows how express a well-balanced and wide range of emotions. It directs and regulates its nervous system and its life through all of its evolving and conscious internal systems. Its presence allows it to be fully able to enjoy every moment. It shares from a place of Truth. Its concerns and interactions are driven by compassion and altruism. It’s in touch with something far greater, wiser, and more loving and can communicate from this place. It leads with trust and the power of love! The grandson thought about what he just heard, and then asked his grandfather, “Which self wins?”

The wise old man simply replied, “THE ONE YOU FEED THE MOST!” Pathwaves continues to track the connection between improvements in brainwave activity and how that translates into improvements in a person’s life. What we’ve determined to some significant degree is that there is a close connection between a person’s improvements and their capacity to embody their true self.


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