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Many fellow consciousness guides – Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Bruce Lipton, Oprah, Deepak Chopra, and Dave Asprey – speak to the importance of the first hour of every day. Even Harvard University’s Division of Ongoing Education emphasizes that a morning ritual can boost productivity.

Pathwaves has been monitoring neural function in conjunction with mental function for more than 15 years. Within our mental health wellness center, we have worked with and ran sessions on more than 2,000 people throughout these years, and have identified specific neurological reasons for the importance of a morning routine as a part of becoming and staying mentally fit.

At Pathwaves, we view consciousness from a neurological perspective, because we humans are both mind and body – our minds reside within the body in the nervous system (not exclusively). Naturally, to optimize this function we want to optimize our neurological function from a mental as well as a physical perspective. If we are not intentional about how our nervous system functions, it will focus on helping us to survive rather than thrive. We built our company and programs on the fact that life is much better when we can thrive, rather than just survive.

Neurologically speaking, it has been estimated that about 80% of neuronal change occurs while we are sleeping. For most people sleep is survival based. So, left to the natural process, sleep anchors us in survival states every night of our lives (unless we learn how to change that). Studies have shown that when our mind and body aren’t aligned, we then don’t feel in control of ourselves, or our energy levels, which in turn can make it difficult to follow through with the goals and plans set for the day.

Clearly, this means that if we do not take 30 – 60 minutes every morning to intentionally refocus ourselves on thriving, then our natural process will make us focus on surviving. This is a key reason why anxiety and stress, depression, and suicides are at all time highs.


Starting your day with an energizing morning routine can activate neurochemicals in the nervous system that will help distribute your energy evenly and efficiently throughout the day. If a morning routine isn’t already set in place, it can be challenging to create consistency and keep up with healthy habits. A healthy morning routine is pivotal for stable mental health and sets the foundation to reach and maintain mental fitness.

We suggest a five step process:

  1. Set Thriving Intention – As the first thing you do, establish that you are going to thrive on this day. Even if your intent is to just goof off, setting a thriving intention will help you to do this in a mentally healthy way.

  2. Nourish – Drink plenty of water (alkaline water is often better) and/or drink coffee.

  3. Exercise – Move your body through daily exercise as a part of your morning routine.

  4. Self-direct and Redirect – After exercising, set time aside to journal, plan your day, read, and meditate.

  5. Get Going – get your house in order and head out (or in) for work or play.

A morning routine focused on thriving can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours to complete, depending on your schedule. This can sound daunting if you’re just starting out, so begin with 30 minutes and build from there. Morning routines are extremely personal. Experiment with different activities and time frames to find what fits best for you.


Pathwaves is a unique center of healing and transformation that will guide you to a state of personal balance, self-awareness and confident control through NeuroEmpowerment™, a proprietary process which completely integrates psychological treatment with neural therapy.

If you’d like to learn how you can support your personal growth through our methodology, we are here to help. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.

To help those who cannot afford the services of Pathwaves, consider donating to the Pathwaves Foundation. Please call (305) 858-6616 for more information.


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